Robert Rauschenberg
Shales Exhibition Promotion
  Promotion Design "Robert Rauschenberg has returned to his characteristic brand of painting in a new series titled Shales, and in the process he has made some of the most understated, elegant and classical works of his long career," wrote the critic Robert G. Edelman in Art in America about the Knoedler exhibition.

Robert Rauschenberg: Shales
The Shales 1994 exhibition marked Rauschenberg's return to the use of encaustic from the earlier Wax Fire Works series.

In collaboration with Saff Tech Arts, these paintings on canvas were made of brilliantly colored photo-transfers and expressive layers of wax at the artist's studio on Captiva island in Florida.

We created an 8 x 10 inch translucent announcement card on waxy paper to reflect the luminosity and richness of the saturated colors of Wonder, a painting from the series.

The announcement card has now become a pricey collector's item selling on line.